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Seoul, South Korea

South Korea’s capital is also its financial and cultural hub. As one of the largest cities in the world, Seoul offers a wide variety of activities.

Insider’s tip: Try the Namdaemun Market for a unique, bustling Asian shopping experience. The expansive market is located next to Namdaemun, or “Great Southern Gate,” which was the main southern gate to the old city.

Fun things to do:

  • Gyungbok Palace is the main and largest palace of the Joseon Dynasty, which ran from roughly 1400-1900.
  • Get the best views of Seoul from the Namsan Tower, standing 1,574 above sea level. It has four observation decks, including a revolving restaurant.
  • Site of several 2002 World Cup matches, Seoul World Cup Stadium was renovated in 2003 to include many attractions, such as shopping, a spa, and a cinema.

Our favorite restaurant: Yongsusan Korean Restaurant serves fine Korean food and is frequently used for business meetings.