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SIGG is the premier producer of eco-friendly aluminum drinking bottles.

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Alter Pharma
Alter Pharma Logo

Distributor of pharmaceuticals to wholesalers and hospitals

Location: Anderlecht, Belgium
Acquired Date: December 2017
Fund Family: REF
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
AST logo

Provider of stock transfer and employee plan services

Location: London, United Kingdom
Acquired Date: February 2008
Fund Family: REF (III)
Bohemia Interactive Simulations View the Bohemia Interactive Simulations Video
Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Provider of game based simulation and training products

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Acquired Date: December 2012
Fund Family: REF (IV)
Brookson Logo

Provider of tax management, invoicing, cash management services

Location: Warrington, England
Acquired Date: December 2014
Fund Family: REF
EPCO logo

Manufacturer of panels for
overhead doors

Location: Tournai, Belgium
Acquired Date: September 2016
Fund Family: REF

Supplier of herbal extracts and natural active substances

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Acquired Date: December 2015
Fund Family: REF

Provider of insurance software

Location: London, England
Acquired Date: December 2015
Fund Family: REF
GEV Group
GEV Logo

Distributor of commercial kitchen equipment parts

Location: Bergkirchen, Germany
Acquired Date: October 2016
Fund Family: REF

Provider of software for the hospitality sector

Location: Shrewsbury, UK
Acquired Date: March 2016
Fund Family: REF

Provider of telecommunication solutions

Location: Hannover, Germany
Acquired Date: November 2011
Fund Family: REF (IV)
Mintra Group
Mintra logo

Provider of e-learning training to oil and gas companies

Location: Oslo, Norway
Acquired Date: December 2014
Fund Family: REF
Portfolio Company - Ortho D

Provider of disposable medical products

Location: Gloucestershire, England
Acquired Date: March 2008
Fund Family: REF (III)
Power Planning System

Operator of private schools in Sweden

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Acquired Date: October 2011
Fund Family: REF (IV)
Reima Logo

Manufacturer of children's clothes

Location: Vantaa, Finland
Acquired Date: July 2011
Fund Family: REF (IV)
Stemlab View the Stemlab Video
Stemlab Logo

Preserver of umbilical cord stem cells for possible future medical use

Location: Cantanhede, Portugal
Acquired Date: October 2009
Fund Family: REF (IV)