About Offices

Global Connections

Riverside’s small companies operate in an increasingly small world, and capitalizing on global opportunities is crucial for sustained growth. With offices on four continents, and natives on the ground around the world, Riverside helps facilitate and accelerate globalization for our portfolio companies. From opening Asian markets and introducing new suppliers through our Hong Kong office to tapping regulatory or industry expertise on one continent and applying it to another, Riverside’s international team takes smaller companies to places they might not have even imagined.

We make international investments; which is great for you – and not just because we can tell you where to get the best goulash in Budapest.*

We Speak The Language Of Our Partners

Our expansion strategy is global, but its heart is local. Our Madrid office is staffed with Spaniards, our Tokyo office by Japanese, and our Dallas office by Texans. We understand international investments and speak the language of our partners, whether they are European, Asian or North American.

Our know-how and resources help companies expand into new markets, source goods from Asia, or grow through add-on acquisitions. Knowing the best karaoke bar in Tokyo is just a bonus.**

* Our Hungarian office recommends Gundel, one of Budapest’s best-known restaurants, for elegant and authentic Hungarian cuisine.
** We love singing at Big Echo as well as several in the Roppongi neighborhood.