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Censis Technologies – Growth Story

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Censis provides surgical instrument tracking and workflow solutions for sterile processing departments of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. The company's surgical tool tracking software improves safety, increases efficiency, monitors productivity, reduces costs and enhances physician satisfaction.

Censis partnered with Riverside to capture significantly greater market share, pushed by market tailwinds and Riverside’s combined industry specializations in healthcare and software. Riverside spurred organic growth through investments in sales and marketing, strategic pricing increases and improvements in product offerings. A key add-on acquisition delivered new customers and consolidated market share.

Riverside's Growth Strategy

Key Growth Drivers
Executing the Growth Plan
Deep Experience
Consistent and Compelling Growth
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Organic Growth

Censis offered a great solution in an underpenetrated market. The key was connecting customers with the great product.

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Improved Sales & Marketing

Created a strategic Sales & Marketing playbook.

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Add-On Strategy

The 2018 addition of competitor Applied Logic nearly doubled the number of hospitals Censis served.

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Key Investments in Critical Areas

Riverside professionalized the company, adding management talent with a focus on financial reporting, technology and sales.

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Sophisticated Pricing

Riverside moved Censis from a single-price structure to a tiered pricing strategy that better reflected the value its software delivered.

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Add-on Integration

Riverside helped smoothly transition the add-on to form a cohesive company, delivering outstanding service to all customers while reducing expenses and adding efficiencies.

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Specialized Investing

Riverside delivered extensive experience through its formal industry specializations in both Healthcare and Software and IT that allowed the firm to hit the ground running at Censis.

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After more than 160 investments in this specialization, Riverside has more experience in healthcare than any other specialization.

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Software and IT

Mainly building on experience from the past 10 years, Riverside has already completed more than 115 software and IT investments

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Added 80 employees during Riverside’s hold period.

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More than tripled the number of hospitals served.

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July 2014
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Private Equity
The Riverside experience has been an extremely positive one for us, but just as exciting, we’re set up for the future. Randy Smith | CEO

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